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The Nellie Montague Clinic

The Nellie Montague Clinic

The University runs the Nellie Montague Clinic at the Main Campus, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00PM.


To be the choice Health Service Provider for ANU and the neighboring community.


  • Provide holistic and professional health services.
  • Provide prompt emergency medical care and first aid services when called upon.
  • Advice and update the University management on changing trends in healthcare.
  • To supervise public health activities on and around campuses and centers.
  • To initiate health activities and services to the community.

The University clinic is run by qualified medical staff that are available during the official working hours. A clinician is on call at night, during weekends and on public holidays.

The clinic is located next to the Crawford Ladies Hostel. The clinic’s telephone extension numbers are 237,238,355 and 359

Services offered

  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses
  • Basic laboratory tests
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Preventive health care services and health education
  • First aid and first aid kits to sports teams.
  • Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV/AIDS (VCT)
  • Counseling on other health related issues
  • Ambulance services
  • Collaboration and referrals with leading health service providers around the country.

Clinic policies

  • In case of an emergency at night, weekends or public holiday, the student is to alert the dorm leader/security officer who will arrange for a medical staff to attend to the sick student. Students can also reach the residential clinician at his house extension no. 254.
  • If a student is ill and unable to visit the clinic, a visit by the clinic staff can be requested through the dormitory leader/security personnel.
  • Student sick off sheets from class, work or chapel, will only be issued by the clinicians when necessary to the Registrar, lecturer, work supervisor or chaplain. This will be done only on the first day of treatment and not thereafter. This will also include any exemptions from CATS and examinations.
  • All sick off sheets from other clinics and hospitals must be first authenticated by the university clinic before they are forwarded to the necessary authority within 72 hours of treatment.
  • In case of any hospital admissions it is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to ensure the University clinic is notified within 72 hours. A detailed medical report will then be required by the university clinic on discharge for record update.
  • Health services are not provided during holiday breaks or between trimesters by the University.
  • Chronic illness: e.g., Diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, psychiatric cases, chronic dermatological conditions, gynecological problems, chronic respiratory problems, etc., are not covered by the university clinic services. Students who suffer from these chronic illnesses should make prior arrangements with their parents/ guardians/ sponsor (s) for medication and visits to their Doctors or Consultants at their own expense.
  • The University may require a mandatory medical checkup for all students or for specified students at any time as deemed necessary. The examination is for the protection of both the students and the University.
  • Evening, Satellite campuses & distance learning students will only be able to access services at the university clinic on a cash basis.

 Payment of health services

  • Sick students whose illnesses cannot be treated at the university clinic will be treated at an approved health facility by referral only by the clinic staff. The university will pay this bill up to Ksh. 10,000 per student per trimester. This will only apply to outpatient bills.
  • The university will not be responsible for any medical costs incurred for inpatient services with exception of accident cases for which the policy below applies.

Group Accident Insurance (Current Policy 2015)

  • Regular students who are fully registered and charged medical fees for the Trimester are insured against accidents and injuries, which can lead to temporary or permanent disability or death. This is a worldwide, 24hour scheme.
  • Regular students have a maximum accident cover for medical expenses of up to Kshs. 200, 000 per year for accident related injuries. The other benefits in this cover include:
  1. Artificial Appliances – Kshs. 50,000
  2. Accidental Dental Treatment – Kshs. 10,000
  3. Fatal Accident – Kshs. 200, 000
  4. Permanent Total Disablement – Kshs. 200,000

Procedure for reporting accident cases

  • Students involved in an accident while on campus should report to the Clinic or the appointed officer at the external campuses/centers within 24 hours for treatment and if necessary for completion of the Personal Accident Claim Form.
  • Those outside campus should seek medical treatment from a recognized hospital and report the case to the University clinic within 72 hours. The Clinic staffs will advise the students on the claim procedure.
  • Note that injuries incurred from accidents involving motorcycles and ‘tuk-tuks’ are not covered under this policy and therefore students who decide to use these means of transport do so at their own peril and will bear the cost of any treatment for injuries incurred in the event of an accident.