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ANU is for you!

Our Mission is to transform student life in terms of Character, Competence and Community by availing challenging opportunities to excel not only through attending lectures but also through regular chapels and a wide range of sports, recreational and communal activities. Africa Nazarene University is a member of the worldwide family of Nazarene institutions founded on the same principles – the development of students in a strong spiritual environment. ANU offers a well-rounded, holistic education.

Frequently Asked Questions

At least 50% is allowed for registration each semester. Payment of full fees is expected before examinations.

Regular – physical day classes – Main Campus; L.T. Marangu Campus, Ongata Rongai
ANU Online – Online classes and examinations

One can write to the admissions office and provide the updated data which can be changed or updated.

Feedback is usually given within 5 working days. Applicants can write to the admissions office to check on the status of their applications.

Received applications either online or hardcopy are usually verified, and processed and feedback is given within 5 working days.

We take a student on partial scholarship (KCSE only) where students with a mean grade of B+ qualify for a 30% scholarship on tuition and a mean grade of A-, a 50% Scholarship

No waiver is offered on application fees or tuition fees

English is the main official language of communication and learning in Kenya. Therefore, applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to undergo English language classes and provide certificates for passing the English exams.

Yes. Immigration documents like passports and visas should be valid.

An international student requires police clearance from the country of origin. Joining instructions are sent to the prospective student.

All the students need to book rooms for a reservation because they are competitive and offered on a first come first served basis.

We don’t conduct interviews for our students unless in special cases.

The letter of admission is valid for one year after application. This means that one can defer within that period without any financial implications.

Yes. We always encourage applicants to apply early. Admission is on a first come first served basis.

We accept progression from diploma level to degree level, the diploma should be from a recognized institution. Who should write my recommendations?
ANU does not require any recommendations but requires at least three referees. This information should be provided by the applicant in the application form.

Yes. As long as the results are authenticated by the institution as true copies of the originals.

Yes. You can change a program as long as you qualify for the new program and the department approves the change.

Writing a letter to the Registrar.

Yes. Credit transfers from other accredited universities are acceptable for undergraduate programs.

We consider admission to a program based on the results that are complete. Those in the IGCSE system should complete A levels.

A fee of USD 35 is applicable to non-East African applicants.

The application fee is charged once at Ksh 1,500. It applies to Kenyans and East African citizens. This can be paid through Mpesa or through the bank.

Financial Aid

Africa Nazarene University offers several financial aid packages to needy and deserving students, alumni and their families. Applying for financial aid is done annually, and paying attention to deadlines is crucial.