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Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya (CPSP-K)

Description of the Program

The CPSP-K Certificate is one of the key requirements for securing a job in Kenya as a procurement officer in both the private and public sectors. The CPSP-K curriculum/ Exam is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, practical skills and attitudes that will enable them to perform duties as buyers, supply chain managers, supervisors, directors, or consultants for an organization. Therefore, the School of Business under the Procurement and Supply Chain Management programme is offering tuition for the CPSP-K so as to give their student the opportunity to acquire the professional qualification

Units Offered


  • PL 1.01 Understanding Organizational Environment (Exemptible)
  • PL 1.02 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
  • PL 1.03 Public Procurement
  • PL 1.04 Asset Management and Managerial Accounting (Exemptible)
  • PL 1.05 Category Management (Exemptible)
  • PL 1.06 Supply Chain Management for SMEs (Exemptible)


  • PL 2.01 Supply Chain Management Information Systems
  • PL 2.02 Finance in Supply Chain Management (Exemptible)
  • PL 2.03 Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • PL 2.04 Operations Management in Practice (Exemptible)
  • PL 2.05 Project and Contract Management
  • PL 2.06 Supply Chain Audit and Risk Management


  • PL 3.01 Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • PL 3.02 Supply Chain Leadership and Governance
  • PL 3.03 Managing Global Logistics
  • PL 3.04 Research in Supply Chain Management
  • PL 3.05 Consultancy in Supply Chain Management
  • PL 3.06 Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • PL 3.07 Industry-based Learning

Admission Requirements

The following are the qualifications;

(a) Pass in APS K, or Degree from a recognized university, or

(b) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), mean grade C+ (plus), C+ (plus) in English and in Mathematics, or

(c) Kenya Advanced certificate of education (KACE) with at least two principles passes and credits in mathematics and English at Kenya certificate of education (KCE) Equivalent qualifications as determined by Kenya Institute of Supplies Management.


School of Business


ANU Online , Face to Face


Tuition will be for three months for each Unit. The course is designed to be covered between 1-1 and 1/2 years The examinations will be conducted in: April, August and December


ANU Main Campus


January, May, September