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ANU Programs & Majors

Master of Science in Applied Information Technology

Description of the Program

The Master's degree in Applied Information Technology is a graduate-level program at Africa  Nazarene University that focuses on the practical application of information technology in a  variety of businesses. This program blends technical abilities with business understanding to prepare students for leadership jobs and opportunities in IT-related sectors.

The program offers  three concentrations including

  • Data Analytics
  • Systems Security and Audit
  • Information Systems Management

Units Offered

Year 1  Semester 1

Core Units 

  • MIT 601 – Research Methods 
  • MIT 602 – Entrepreneurship and  Innovation 
  • MIT 603 – Project Management 
  • MIT 610 – Introduction to Data  Analytics

Year 1  Semester 2

Core Units 

  • MIT 604 – Information and Knowledge Management 
  • MIT 605 – Information Systems  Security and Audit 
  • MIT 606 – Emerging IT Technologies 
  • MIT 617 – Ethics and Legal Issues in  IT

Year 2  Trimester 1

Concentration Units

  • Concentration Unit 1* 
  • Concentration Unit 2* 
  • Concentration Unit 3* 
  • Concentration Unit 4*

Year 2 Trimester 2

Concentration Units and Project

  • MIT 618: Technical Writing 
  • MIT 700 – MSc. Project(Part I) 

Year 2 Trimester 3

MSc.  Project

∙ MIT 700 – MSc. Project(Part II)


Information Systems Management (ISM) 

This concentration aims to equip  students with the knowledge and  skills required to effectively manage  and utilize information systems in  various organizations. 

  • ISM 620 - Information Systems Policy  and Strategy 
  • ISM 621 - Data management and  Business Intelligence 
  • ISM 624 - Business Process  Management 
  • ISM 625 - IT Service Management

Systems Security and Audit (ISA) 

This concentration focuses on  developing an understanding of  cyber-attacks and risks, as well as equipping students to address the  threats and consequences of cyber attacks through sound information  security strategies and policies.

  • ISA 630 – IT Risk Management and  Compliance 
  • ISA 631 - Computer Crime and  Forensics 
  • ISA 635: Information Security,  Privacy, and Policy 
  • ISA 636: Cryptography for Cyber and  Network Security

Year 2 Semester 1

Data Analytics (DAT) 

This concentration emphasizes the  mastery of techniques such as  machine learning, social network  analysis, large-scale data reduction  and filtering, as well as their application to the formulation of  strategies to further the organizational goals.

  • DAT 650: Data Mining and Machine  Learning 
  • DAT 652: Text Analytics for Natural  Language Processing 
  • DAT 654: Data Visualization 
  • DAT 656: Data Analytics for Decision  Making

Admission Requirements

The student must be a holder of any degree from an accredited university.


School of Science and Technology


ANU Online


2 Academic Years.


ANU Main Campus


January, September