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Policies & Guidelines

Eligibility (Who uses the library?)

The library is open to all registered students, academic and non-academic staff. On several occasions non-Africa Nazarene University members are allowed to use the library. In such a case, one is expected to get approval by applying to the University Librarian.


The library registers new users at the beginning of every trimester. The users fill in a form and records are entered into the library database. Undergraduates may borrow eight books; postgraduates and academic staff may borrow ten books while non-academic staff may borrow four.


All users are required to pay for lost books and overdue fines before they leave the university.

Rules and Regulations


  1. Library materials are only issued to persons using their own identification card.
  2. The user in whose name a library material is issued is solely responsible for returning the item.
  3. The loan period for undergraduates is 14 days. Postgraduates and non-academic staff may borrow items for four weeks while academic staff may be loaned materials for three months.
  4. Renewals are not permitted if there is a reserve on the material.
  5. Short-loan materials may be checked out at closing time for overnight use. They must be returned before 8am the following morning (assuming the library is operating).

Library Conduct

  1. Silence should be strictly observed as a courtesy to other library users.
  2. Food, drinks, wet umbrellas and any other materials that might damage library materials or property should not be brought to the library.
  3. Stealing and attempting to steal library property is an offence. The offenders, if caught, will pay three times the cost of the material.
  4. The University Librarian will suspend any user whose conduct in the library is rude or disorderly.

Fines and Damage to Library Materials or Property

  1. Any borrower who fails to return or renew a long-loan material is charged a fine of five shillings per material per day, up to 30 days. After 30 days, the borrower is billed for the material.
  2. Any borrower who fails to return a book on Reserve/ Short-loan collection orAfricana at a stated time shall be charged a fine of Kshs 5 per material per hour. Note that Sundays and Public holidays are included in calculating all of the fines.
  3. Any user with overdue materials will not be allowed to borrow any additional materials until materials are returned and all fines are paid.
  4. Users who lose or damage library materials will be required to pay the current price for the book and 20% administrative charges.
  5. Users are responsible for checking that the books they borrow are not damaged before they are borrowed, otherwise, they will be held responsible for the damage and required to pay charges.