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Recognition of our Supporters


ANU Scholarship Fund

Work & Witness

Over the years, Work & Witness teams have graced ANU, contributing to the development of the University in the academic and administrative spheres. This ranges from contribution academic programs and tutoring to construction and refurbishment of infrastructure. We appreciate all your commitment towards fulfilling ANU’s vision & mission by creating a diverse and dynamic environment.

Sister Universities

Africa Nazarene University (ANU) is an American University was the first Nazarene institution to be established in Africa by the Church of the Nazarene, joining the coveted Nazarene institutions all of which are founded on offering holistic education. As an American University with global linkages, ANU has benefited from the global consortium of universities across the world.  In recent times, ANU’s Sister Universities have joined the University on various missions that have witnessed an overhaul of the University’s infrastructure and systems. We appreciate your efforts towards the development of the University.

Students & Parents

Your commitment to the University is continually proven and we enormously appreciate your will and drive to be a part of ANU.

Africa Nazarene University appreciates the immense support it has received from alumni, students, parents, Work and Witness teams, Sister University and Friends of ANU which has gone a long way in building and sustaining the University’s growth.