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About Us

Prof. Orpha K. Ongiti

Prof. Orpha K. Ongiti


Director's Message

Welcome to the Institute of Research (IOR) of Africa Nazarene University (ANU). IOR was established in cognizance of the fact that scholarly research and publishing are fundamental in the academic world. Through research, new knowledge is created and shared globally. Moreover, common global problems are addressed through reliable and ethical research. The Commission for University Education (CUE) posits that “universities world over are responsible for research, knowledge generation, scholarship and innovation that is necessary for driving local social, technological and economic development. They are also relied upon to serve as conduits for the transfer, adaptation, and dissemination of knowledge that is generated worldwide” On that note, IOR is committed to promoting quality and ethical institutional research that informs public policy decisions. Thus, fulfilling ANU’s mandate of responding to the needs of society through research, teaching, learning, and community engagement. 

Capacity building of staff, faculty, and students in research skills, partners/collaborates with academic and industry institutions forms part of the roles played by the IOR to position the university in higher education arena. Besides, IOR is mandated to ensure that faculty, staff, and students are facilitated in identifying need-based research topics, data collection, dissemination of research output through conferences, publishing incredible peer-reviewed journals, and Institutional Repository.  

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To become a leading research center in conducting and disseminating meaningful research output to inform policy and transform society based on Christian values.  

Our Mission
Institute of Research seeks to build capacity and provide a framework that facilitates effective fulfillment of the University research functions

Objectives of IOR
The Institute of Research (IOR) will serve as a “Think Tank” for creative, innovative, intellectual, timely, and appropriate solutions to social, economic, and development problems and challenges. The Institute supports and facilitates:
  1. The development of appropriate research infrastructures, including policies and manuals needed to support research including collaborative partners; technology and data analysis software; funding and fiscal or in-kind project support.
  2. The recruitment and retention of staff and faculty who will support and advance ANU’s research objectives.
  3. The administration and coordination of collaborative partnerships both the Boards, Board of Undergraduate Studies, and Board of Postgraduate Studies, in relation to any research-focused activities.
  4. University research and publications by assisting staff to submit their research results to refereed journals and professional publications including an ANU Institutional Repository 
  5. Participation in symposia, poster presentations, and conferences
    synergetic collaborations with industry, other academic and research institutions and host flagship research project
  6. Maintenance of quality and ethical academic research standards
  7. Development of capacity building of staff, faculty and postgraduate students on research skills by facilitating workshops, seminars, colloquia, and symposiums to transfer knowledge
  8. University participation in a local and international conference
  9. Establishment and maintenance, in liaison with the University Library, the of a knowledge management platform to enhance the dissemination, storage and transfer of research work
  10. The raising, allocation, and monitoring of the use of university research funds
  11. Serve as a point of contact for External researchers, post-doctoral fellows and others who wish to affiliate with the University