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Student Services Office


The student population that is continuously growing and becoming diverse presents difficulty in understanding and managing student life, on an academic, social, or cultural level. In the context of multicultural academic diversity, stimulated by globalization, it is necessary for all aspects of university life, student services included, to meet these new challenges. To respond to this, the creation of efficient student services that are focused on its necessities, to provide the required support for academic activity and stimulate personal, social, cultural, and cognitive development, is needed.   

The more the university can invest in a wide range of services the better it will be able to meet the needs of student development and learning. Supporting and enhancing the student experience (academic, social, welfare and support) from first contact through to becoming alumni is critical to the success of holistic academic pursuits. According to Haugen (1999), to be effective student services require integrated solutions with three major components:

  1. Strategies based on executive vision, commitment, planning and performance. This requires resources relocation and reorganization, and a rethinking of institutional culture reform and functioning.
  2. Redesigned processes focused on the students and other key stakeholders.
  3. Efficient use of tools. Possibilities of modern technology should be exploited in a consistent manner with the strategies, mentioned above, and implemented in a coordinated, targeted, practical and cost.  

The modelling of a responsive ANU student experience has been designed taking into consideration the transitions. The model is aimed at interlinking academic, welfare, and support activities throughout the university journey. This model takes into consideration the student journey from first contact, pre-arrival all the way to out-duction.  The implementation of the unit strategic plan will be guided by a five pillar Student Experience strategy.  The development of specific activities across various functions of student support will be dynamic to respond to all students whether they are on regular, blended, or online learning modes. 

Our Vision

To make ANU the choice destination for those seeking a holistic quality university experience.

Our Mission

To transform student life in terms of Character, Competence and Community by availing challenging opportunities to excel not only through attending lectures but also through regular chapels and a wide range of sports, recreational and communal activities

Our Mandate

To ensure that as a student at ANU, your life is transformed in Character, Competence and Community Service. We give our students challenging opportunities to excel not only through attending lectures, but also in the regular chapel services, sports and recreational activities. Through our excellent accommodation, we offer students opportunities to communicate and network beyond the classrooms. Our Student Development team exists to make sure each student receives a well-rounded college experience in preparation for the future.


The unit is headed by the Dean of Students.

Office of the Dean of Students

  1. Pauline Njeru Mukami-Sports office and Student Service Assistant
  2. Evans Kipkirui-Student Service Assistant
  3. Dennis Sigei-Student Service Assistant


  1. Maureem Kinoti-Clinician and Team Lead
  2. Josephine Opande-Clinician
  3. Robert Mung’ao -Clinician and Public Health Officer
  4. Steven Tirimba-Lab Technologist
  5. Lucy Wankio-Pharmacy Technologist


  1. David Jones-University Counselor
  2. Ruth Kiriamana-University Counsellor


The Student Affairs Department of Africa Nazarene University is a unit in the Academic and Student Affairs division that is responsible for student support services and student welfare.

Its mandate is threefold.

  1. Student engagement 
  2. Management of auxiliary student support services
  3. Provision of a framework for effective management of student welfare and wellbeing


The department discharges this mandate guided by the mission, vision, and core values of the University. The key operational functions are  

  • Psychosocial support, guidance, and counselling
  • Catering
  • Accommodation
  • International student affairs
  • Health and wellness
  • New student orientation & mentorship
  • Students character formation & discipline management
  • Sports and co-curricular
  • Student organization & government
  • Student non-academic campus life