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Frequently Asked Questions


Fees paid in excess are refundable to the sponsor/parent. Students are required to submit a written request for the refund to finance physically or through email to [email protected]

All charged fees are due and payable at the beginning of each Trimester/session during registration. Where a student is unable to clear his/her account at the beginning of the trimester/session, the University may at its own discretion allow registration on an acceptable instalment plan. Visit the Finance Office or email [email protected] for guidance on instalment payments.

The university offers limited financial assistance opportunities. Most scholarships are merit-based, students who emerge tops in a semester qualify for cash awards for excellent performance. ANU students also qualify for government loans and bursaries. In addition, students can apply for various work-study opportunities within the university.
For more details on available financial assistance click

How can I apply for your scholarships?

For instructions on how and when to apply for the available scholarships click here

Depends on the program taken.

After payment, forward the payment remittance advise to [email protected] You will receive an acknowledgment by Email from [email protected] and [email protected]

For payment, use the details below:

Beneficiary Bank: Citibank N.A., 30711 Nairobi, Kenya
Beneficiary Name: Africa Nazarene University
Beneficiary Account Number: 0102612078
Details: [Student Name: ___________________ No.:_______________)

• Application fees can be deposited or transferred to the University using the following details:
– Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Masaai Mall Branch, Account Name: Africa Nazarene University, A/C # 01129011316000 (Ref. Application fee – Name of payee)

– Mobile money transfer to MPESA Paybill No. 7291071, Act. No. – (Your name)

• KES. 1,500 for Kenyan Citizens
• USD 35 for International students

You can remit fees using an electronic bank transfer to ANU of the University’s listed Bank Accounts. The other alternative is to use PayPay – See the guideline below:

Remittance of Fee using PayPal System

  1. Login to
  2. Go to “Tools” at the top of the page and select Send Money
  3. Choose your payment type and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment
  4. Note: ANU’s PayPal Email is:  [email protected]
  5. Additional Information: PayPal will send an email to the University to inform us that you have sent the money.  Please check the details of this transaction carefully. Net Value:  Please note that all funds sent through PayPal will be received at ANU less 11.9% being the PayPal Cost.

No, only students without fee balances will be able to access their results from the student portal. Visit your portal to know your fee balance. Payment can be made using the details below:

Remittance of Final Fee Installment

Students are reminded to check their fee statements from the student portal. Those students with an outstanding balance can remit payment through MPESA PAYBILL using the following details:

Business Number:                  701100

Account Number:                   Key in your Registration/Admission Number

Payments can also be made to any of the Bank Accounts below:

  1. Co-operative bank, Maasai Mall      Branch: A/C # 01129011316000
  2. KCB, Ongata Rongai Branch:  A/C # 1104427184
  3. Absa Bank, Hurlingham Branch: A/C # 0451037048
  4. Equity  O/Rongai Branch: A/C # 0610292522396
  5. Standard Chartered bank, Galleria Branch: A/C # 0108096404600

MPESA message should be forwarded to 0737270001 and scanned copies of the bank deposit slip email to [email protected]. Your account will be updated within 1 working day.

How will my studies be conducted? Learning is conducted online
Will I be oriented on how to use the e-eNaz platform? YES
Do you have a platform where I can access learning materials? YES eNaz platform
How many hours do I require to commit to per day for my studies? You are required to cover 3 credit hours
If I am around campus am I allowed to see my lecturers? Yes you can see your lecturers as long as you have an appointment
How can I communicate with my lecturers? On the eNaz portal

Do I have to sit for exams? Yes
Where do I take my exams from? From our campuses
If I am not in Kenya how do I sit my exams? You can sit the exams at the Kenyan Embassy of the country you are in/Consulate or Nazarene Church in the country
How long does it take before I get my results? You get your results at the end of the trimester
If I fail my exams what are the procedures I should take? You will be given the academic handbook that will guide you on what procedures to take
How is the evaluation done? Cats and assignments = 40% exam= 60%
How many marks is the exam worth? 60%
Is there a provision for repeating a unit if I fail? Yes
How do I revise for my exams? You will get revision papers from the student’s portal
Where can I get the exam timetable? It will be sent to you online
Some units are conflicting on the exam timetable, who can I talk to? You will be required to consult with the exam’s office.

Is there a time when online students meet with their HODs/Lectures? Yes anytime you will just have to book an appointment
What does physical sessions entail? Meeting your lecturers for discussion
How often are physical sessions conducted? Once a trimester
Do I have to come for physical sessions on campus? Currently yes you have to
How long is the physical? 1 day
What happens if I do not make it for physical sessions? You will communicate with the lecturer to let them send you materials

How many units do I have to take for me to complete my degree? It depends on the programme but it is 49-52 for undergraduate
How many units do I take per trimester? You can register for 5 units

How do I drop units? Fill out the add-and-drop forms
How much does it cost me to take my course online? kes12500 per unit
How do I register for my units? Through the university student portal
How do I get academic advice on what units to take? Your department will give you an academic adviser
What happens if I have no units to take in a trimester? Your department will allocate you units
What happens if I don’t register? You will wait until the next trimester registration opens
Is there a limit to how many units I should take in a trimester? Yes, depending on your GPA

Do you have orientation for the new students? Yes online and on campus. Dates will be communicated to you
When is orientation done? At the beginning of the trimester
How is the orientation done? Yes online and on campus. Dates will be communicated to you

Do I have to come on campus for orientation? No, We have an online orientation
Do your materials online that can help me with the orientation? Yes we have material on youtube

How do I apply? On the ANU website, Application forms from our campus
What is the application fee? Ksh 1500
When is the next intake? Jan intake, September intake
Where do I get the application forms? From our campus or on the ANU website
How do I pay the application fee? Through the ANU Mpesa Number, Through the ANU Account Numbers
Can I apply online? Yes through the ANU Website
How do I get information about my department? You can contact the university through the official telephone numbers, You can write an email to the Registrars office
What courses do you offer on ANU Online All university courses
How will I pay my fee? Through the ANU Mpesa Number, Through the ANU Account Numbers

There is good Wi-Fi coverage in various spaces within the campuses like hostels, cafeteria, library etc

When your portal account has either been locked out or expired. One must Reset/unlock their account to regain access

To manage one’s account (reset/unlock), one must be registered to the password manager from this link:

This could result from password expiry or lockout. A password expires after 3 months after which a user must reset it. Lockout results from use of incorrect password

In all computer labs at both the Leah T. Marangu & Nairobi Campus.

All students are eligible to access ANU computer services.

Once you get admitted to ANU as a student, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) staff creates and provides your ANU student email and password.

Good enough for services such as live streaming/video conference etc

Generally, ANU does not offer paid internships.

With the head of the department you applied for the internship,Human Resource office and Careers office.

Well detailed cv, a letter from school and interview.

We have so many opportunities for internship most are from departments, Admission, Marketing, finance, library, IODL, HR, careers office, transport, cis etc.

All students are at liberty to join any club in ANU. This is done by registering during registration or any time through the course of study.

There are more than 20 active clubs in ANU including Drama – ( Light Theater Productions), Music/Choir, Sing Africa, Enactus (SIFE), Oikos Kenya, Law Assembly Of Africa Nazarene University (LAANU), Peer Counselors, Wildlife, Environmental, Peace, Christian Union, Red Cross,
Marketing, Kenya Model United Nations, Accounting, ANU Coders, Compassionate Ministries etc

The university is endowed with several co-curricular activities including sports, clubs and societies.

The university has two eateries which provide quality and cost friendly food

No. There exists alternative hostels outside campus and students are at liberty to choose. We however recommend specific hostels which we are assured of proper security and amenities.

On application, the students are issued with room booking forms. In the booking the students choose the preferred room. The bookings are processed and feedback given to students before reporting day. Students who are not allocated on campus accommodation are given available alternatives from the private hostel providers that the department has approved

Students’ rooms range from single occupancy to a maximum of three sharing. All the on campus accommodation are modern and well maintained with hot showers. Some of the rooms are ensuite making your stay on campus more comfortable

ANU has variety of housing facilities ranging single to a maximum of 3 sharing. The hostels are neat, modern and well maintained to offer a good living environment. Due to increase in student numbers, the more than five hundred on campus hostel facility is not sufficient for all students. We have however partnered with reputable, private hostel providers around the campus to guarantee accommodation to students. We also endeavor to ensure that during allocation of on campus priority is given to new students

ANU has elaborate security management system This includes boundary wall, security guards, cctv system and dog unit. In addition, the University partners with national police who have attached polices officers to conduct patrols within and around the university.

1: 40 but this will differ from term to term.

Full time -54, and many part-time depending of need.


2.0- 2.6


First Class Honours
Second Class Honours- Upper Division
3.0- 3.69
Second Class Honours- Lower Division
2.3- 2.99
2.0- 2.29

It is an examination given to a student who has failed a Unit . Student applies for the examination through the Department.

It is an exam given to a student who is prevented by unavoidable and acceptable circumstances from taking the End of Trimester final examinations. A formal request, supported by approved and documented evidence must be made by completing the relevant form.

Request letter or email Receipt showing payment for the Official transcript

National ID for both parties, the Agent and the owner of the documents
Letter of authority from the owner of the documents
Copy of clearance form

Original National Identity Card or Passport
Fee statement showing no balance
Fully filled collection form

If Undergraduate you have 8 years and if it’s Graduate program, you have 4 years, after which you will be DISCONTINUED.

After one has been served with Caution letter, First Warning and finally Final Warning.

You can apply for a re-mark two weeks after the results are released If after two weeks you can repeat the unit for a whole term

When the Unit will not be offered for at least 1 year and student has that particular unit left in order to graduate.

1 Year
You are required to pay application fee.

For Proposal Yes but if the Cumulative grade is above the required grade You should be able to adhere to the examinations requirements incase you fail.

At the time of your admission into the University, if not yet done please see your Head of Department.

After the fourth week, One is not allowed to drop a unit, grade of withdraw will be awarded instead and you will have to pay for the unit again.

As soon as you finish the program and can see all your grades. My transcript has a dash instead of a grade, what should I do? First see your Unit Lecturer If not assisted send an email to your Head of Department and copy the Examinations office for way forward.

Fill in Intent to graduate form, attaching an updated transcript, course planner, copy of your
National ID or Passport and get it signed by the Dean or Head of Department.
Clear with all the Departments using the University’s Clearance form. Make sure to clear with finance on all pending payments.(Graduation fee, waivers e.t.c)
Submit to your School/Department the above mentioned documents and fill in a Letter of Completion request form (provided by the School/Department) attach a fees statement and submit to the Students’ Registry Office.

To use as you wait for graduation

Repeat 3 hour Units only, they give you higher points than 2 hour units.
If you have waivers, you may opt to revoke the waiver and do the Unit for a grade

Request in writing and submit the letter to the Examinations Office. You can request through email to [email protected] if you are not able to deliver the request physically. If you are an Alumni you will be charged for the sealed transcript. (Note; Official documents take 3 days)

Fill in the Form of incomplete from your student portal
Have it signed by the Unit Lecturer and submit to the Examinations Office

Emergency services and evacuation are available to all registered regular students.

No we do not but we work closely with most reputable health providers and referrals can be organized if you have medical insurance.

All weekdays 8.30 A.M – 5.00 P.M.
A clinician is on close call at night, weekends and public holidays.

Yes during the usual hours of operation.

No. only outpatient services are covered by the university.
Referrals to a medical provider of your choice are facilitated at the student’s cost.

Yes. Fully kitted and available 24/7 at our LTM campus.
We also work in partnership with other emergency service providers.

A fully filled medical report on admission.
Your student ID every time you seek services at the clinic.

Next to Crawford ladies hostel at the LTM campus
A first aid facility is on the 4th floor of our Nairobi CBD campus.

Formal communication is made using the official channels explained earlier.

Head of Department making the request. Secondly, Transport Officer scheduling the vehicle and planning logistics.

We are able to give feedback as soon as a booking is received at Transport Department. Transport request approval starts from the Head of Department organizing the event / trip in liaison with Transport Officer. A formal request is made and approved if and when a vehicle is available.

We don’t hire out our vehicles.

No. We don’t hire our Vehicles to the public. Relevant Government licenses are mandatory to allow an Institution venture into car hire business.

We are located behind ANU Clinic and Opposite Facilities Department in a building by the name: HENRY KIONGO GARAGE.

There are procedures:
a) We have in place Transport Request Forms availed to each Department on Campus. Heads of Admin / Academic departments make requests for transport services by filling out the forms and forwarding them to Transport Department for allocation/scheduling of appropriate vehicles.
b) Vehicles are allocated on first come booking and importance of duty. Class/Club/Society/Games and other out of Campus trips are booked 7 days in advance. All other bookings at least 24 hours in advance.

There are two options in terms of cost:
a) Trimester subscription fee @ KS. 4,500. A bus pass is normally issued that allows you as many rides within the 4 months.
b) Pay as you ride at a flat rate of KS. 30. Our bus conductor issues one-way ticket for the fee paid.

Yes, ANU operates a scheduled shuttle services in the Morning and Evening, Monday to Friday. This is a 6 Km shuttle from Main Campus to the last drop off stage in Ongata Rongai Shopping center. There are 3 trips in the morning starting at 7:00am to 8:00am and the same number of runs in the evening starting at 4:30 pm to 6:00pm. There are designated and convenient bus stages along the way for students and staff.

Yes it is
possible. Please join the various Spiritual development activities which will enable you to identify with the right prayer partner. You can also visit the chaplains office Harmons 2nd floor No. 15. or connect with the prayer counselors who are always available after the chapel services. The chaplain’s office is also able to connect you with the prayer coordinator for this purpose.

Please visit the chaplaincy office (Harmons second floor- room 15) or call ext #387 or cell #0771600727, the administrative assistant will connect you to the right person to pray with you. You can also direct your prayer request to [email protected].

Discipleship Bible study prayer groups which meet everyday in Jennigan Chapel from 7:00am-7:50 am.. We also have one to one prayer and counselling in our office and also with the prayer counselors who include the faculty staff and students. This can be either in classrooms, offices, prayer rooms or even in the open places depending on where need arises and the conduciveness of the environment.

While the University Chaplain is also the Director of Spiritual Development for the ANU community it is still possible to schedule a physical meeting through the Spiritual Development office. Please call Ext# 387 or the mobile# O771600727 for further assistance.

Yes, ANU offers many other opportunities as follows; daily morning devotions for the part-time blended learning mode (offered during April, August and November/December holidays) students, Bible study prayer groups, a prayer room for an individual’s private times of prayer and is available for all faiths, and also students led ministries (Christian Union, praise and worship team, Sing Africa, Purpose Driven Sisters and Purpose Driven Brothers), which are open for all willing students.

ANU is a Christian university whereby the chaplain is available for any member of the community. The university chaplain heads a called and well qualified team that is always available to walk with an individual through his or her spiritual life journey. See the Spiritual Development Facebook page ANU Spiritual Life – Home | Facebook

This is a university of a community that believes that it is full of broken people and therefore striving together after Christ Jesus who is perfect.
It is a university with an environment filled with grace and love that will help you find your true calling.
It is a community of people who will become some of your most trustworthy friends.
It has a number of spiritual growth oriented activities.
It offers two chapel services (a time whereby the students, staff, faculty ANU friends and visitors gather to worship and listen to the Word of God) a week with the days depending on the specific campuses (Main/LTM and Nairobi CBD).

At least 50% is allowed for registration each semester. Payment of full fees is expected before examinations.

Regular – physical day classes – Main Campus; L.T. Marangu Campus, Ongata Rongai
ANU Online – Online classes and examinations

One can write to the admissions office and provide the updated data which can be changed or updated.

Feedback is usually given within 5 working days. Applicants can write to the admissions office to check on the status of their applications.

Received applications either online or hardcopy are usually verified, and processed and feedback is given within 5 working days.

We take a student on partial scholarship (KCSE only) where students with a mean grade of B+ qualify for a 30% scholarship on tuition and a mean grade of A-, a 50% Scholarship

No waiver is offered on application fees or tuition fees

English is the main official language of communication and learning in Kenya. Therefore, applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to undergo English language classes and provide certificates for passing the English exams.

Yes. Immigration documents like passports and visas should be valid.

An international student requires police clearance from the country of origin. Joining instructions are sent to the prospective student.

All the students need to book rooms for a reservation because they are competitive and offered on a first come first served basis.

We don’t conduct interviews for our students unless in special cases.

The letter of admission is valid for one year after application. This means that one can defer within that period without any financial implications.

Yes. We always encourage applicants to apply early. Admission is on a first come first served basis.

We accept progression from diploma level to degree level, the diploma should be from a recognized institution. Who should write my recommendations?
ANU does not require any recommendations but requires at least three referees. This information should be provided by the applicant in the application form.

Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to submit English test results.

Yes. As long as the results are authenticated by the institution as true copies of the originals.

Yes, ANU requires certified copies of certificates from the former school/university/college during the application process.

Yes. You can change a program as long as you qualify for the new program and the department approves the change.

Yes. At ANU we accept credit transfers from other accredited universities.

Writing a letter to the Registrar.

Yes, all you need to do is to write a letter requesting another chance, stating reasons for deferment.

Yes. Credit transfers from other accredited universities are acceptable for undergraduate programs.

We consider admission to a program based on the results that are complete. Those in the IGCSE system should complete A levels.

No. All admissions are based on academic qualifications. However, you can qualify for a sibling discount once admitted.

Some programs require cluster combinations. You may contact the admissions department for further guidance.

Admissions are based on academic qualifications. However, there are few chances where extracurricular activities like sports are considered to award scholarships to admissible students.

Use of Mpesa Pay Bill;
Business Number: 7291071
Account Number: Application fee
Amount: 1500
Through the following bank accounts;
Account Name: Africa Nazarene University
KCB, O/Rongai Branch Ac No. 1104427184
Standard Chartered, Langata Rd. Branch Ac No. 0108096404600
Co-operative Bank, Maasai Mall Branch Ac No. 01129011316000

A transferring student, from another institution, pays the full application fee.

Upon payment of the Application fee, the applicant is issued with an official receipt from the Finance office. This can be scanned to the applicant applying online.

A fee of USD 35 is applicable to non-East African applicants.

The application fee is charged once at Ksh 1,500. It applies to Kenyans and East African citizens. This can be paid through Mpesa or through the bank.

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