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ANU Programs & Majors

Doctor of Ministry 

Description of the Program

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional degree, specifically designed to equip and develop religion practitioners such as religious leaders, senior-level ministers, and Church leaders who want to focus on the practice of ministry.

Objectives of the Program

The Programme provides an advanced understanding of the nature and purpose of ministry, enhances competencies in pastoral analysis and ministerial leadership.

Units Offered

The Doctor of Ministry programme requires 11 units plus a doctoral dissertation and is designed with a 2/3rd emphasis on research. Students are required to undertake five units specific to the DMin programme, three shared units and three electives to make a total of 11 units and the research for the doctoral dissertation

Doctor of Ministry ( 5 DMin specific units)

  • Ecclesial Ministry in the Wesleyan Spirit
  • Wesleyan Mission and Ecclesiology
  • Spiritual Practice for Ministry
  • The Church in Society
  • Holiness Theology and the Minister

Doctor of Ministry (3 shared units)

  • Doctoral Thesis
  • Postgraduate Research and Writing
  • Doctoral Thesis Proposal

Elective (and Focus 3 units)

  • Christian Holiness – Biblical
  • Theological Perspective
  • Practice of Instruction
  • Teaching and the Local Church
  • Ecclesial Ministry
  • Spiritual Practice for Ministry
  • Contemporary Models of Higher
  • Christian Education
  • Traditional and Distance Education Pedagogy
  • The Church and Society
  • Holiness Practical Christianity
  • Communication and Decision Making
  • Development of Self and Others
  • Principles of Leadership
  • Religious Leadership
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Phenomenology of Religion
  • Independent Research
  • Theology for Ministry
  • Contemporary Trends in African
  • Christian Theology
  • Holiness Theology and the Minister
  • Theology of Work

Admission Requirements

1. Applicants are required to conduct self assessments to review their academic achievements and future goals, especially as related to their proposed area of doctoral research.

2. A Master’s Degree holder in theology or religious studies with five years of work experience in an area related to the doctor’s degree.

No. of Units for one to graduate

11 units plus a doctoral dissertation


School of Religion and Christian Ministry


ANU Online


Three Academic Years


ANU Main Campus


January, August