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ANU Programs & Majors

Diploma in Information Technology

Description of the Program

The Diploma of ICT lays a strong foundation for graduates to join the Bachelor of Science in computer science and bachelor of business and information technology. The course is structured to ensure that each student specializes in particular skills and demonstrate competence by completing a real life project.

Units Offered

  • ENG051 Professional Writing   
  • DIT 050 Digital Literacy 
  • MTH060 Mathematics for Science    
  • DIT 080 Computer Fundamentals
  • DIT 081 Introduction to Programming
  • ENT054 Entrepreneurship
  • DIT087 Object Oriented Programming (JAVA)
  • DIT088 System Analysis and Design
  • DIT 083 Database Systems (Relational Algebra, Relational databases & Query Languages)
  • DIT 082 Hardware and Software Practicum
  • DIT086 Web Based Application
  • DIT085 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • DIT084 Data communication and Networks
  • DIT092 Computer Project
  • THE 060 Christian Ethics
  • DIT Electives may include (2 electives required for graduation)
  • DIT090 Computer Graphics
  • DIT091 Computer Security
  • DIT093 Advanced Networking
  • INT 066 Internship

Admission Requirements

Minimum KCSE grade of C- (Minus), C plain in Maths Or Minimum GPA of 2.3 from ANU Certificate


School of Science and Technology


ANU Online , Face to Face


2 Academic Years.


ANU Main Campus


January, September