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ANU Programs & Majors

Master of Business Administration

Description of the Program

Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that provides theoretical and practical training for business and/or investment management. Our MBA is designed to help graduates gain a better understanding of general business management functions.

The program seeks to offer participants a thorough grounding in business management. This will assist them to develop analytical skills and approaches to business management and to find the best solutions to business problems using appropriate tools

Our MBA is an online two-year program that allows students to attend school remotely. The program grants candidates greater flexibility around when they take classes and how they attend school. It also offers creative approaches on how to foster collaboration compared to in-person options.

Objectives of the Program

Our MBA program will give you the following benefits:
• Greater Awareness of a Global Market. Candidates can use their MBA to better understand what is going on in different areas of the world.
• Improve Communication Skills. Our MBA candidates often must communicate with other professionals, write research papers, and give formal presentations. MBA candidates can use their coursework to improve their ability to connect with others and build relationships.
• Expand Professional Network. Our MBA program has students from all over the world. Meeting others, forging relationships, and building a network is a central benefits of an MBA program. In addition to the knowledge obtained, the MBA program will allow you to connect with others with the prospect of mutual long-term benefit with your peers.
• Increased Job Opportunities. MBA candidates are often more desirable compared to other candidates based on their proven skills and dedication to their profession. In addition, advancement or higher positions may become available to candidates who would otherwise not be considered for roles.
• Better Time Management. MBA candidates may have to juggle school, work, family, and life obligations. This will improve your self-efficacy in managing priorities, meeting deadlines, and organizing time to meet all expectations

Units Offered

1st Semester

  • RME 600 Graduate Business Research Methodology
  • MBA 611 Economics for the Global Manager
  • FIN 610 Managerial Finance
  • HRM 605 Human Resources Management
  • MBA 601 Corporate and Personal Ethics

2nd Semester

  • MKT 619 Marketing Management
  • ACC 603 Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 616 Strategy Management
  • Concentration Unit 1
  • Concentration Unit 2

3rd Semester

  • MIS 612 Management Information Systems
  • MGT 604 Organizational Behavior
  • STT 620 Graduate Statistics
  • Concentration Unit 3
  • Concentration Unit 4

4th Semester

  • RPJ 617 MBA Project/Thesis


  • Finance Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing

Admission Requirements

2nd class Honours,Upper Division or GPA of 2.7 Or
2nd class Honours Lower Division or GPA of 2.5 with relevant work experience of at least 2 years.

No. of Units for one to graduate

16 Units


School of Business


ANU Online


2 Academic years


ANU Main Campus


January, September