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Master of Arts in Religion

Description of the Program

The Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) is a programme for people of diverse backgrounds and vocational goals. ANU provides a two-year programme of study. The first year consist of ten modules of course work, which provide a broad basis for thesis writing in the second year of study.

Objectives of the Program

The objectives of the MAR reflect the purpose and vision of the University. The programme prepares men and women to assume leadership roles in a range of Christian ministries.

Units Offered

  • Post Graduate Research Methodology
  • Christianity in a Pluralistic Society
  • Advanced Hermeneutics and Exegesis
  • Current Moral Issues – A Christian Perspective
  • Biblical Theology
  • Leadership Philosophy and Ministry Skills
  • Contemporary Theological Trends
  • Life Development and Ministry Skills
  • Nature, Mission, and Growth of the Church
  • either Research Statistics or Qualitative and Theoretical Research
  • Thesis


  • Phenomenology of Religion
  • Christianity in a Pluralistic Society
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Communication and Decision Making
  • Development of Self and Others
  • Planning and Conflict Management
  • Principles of Church Leadership
  • Preparation for Instruction
  • Alternative Models of Theological Education
  • Administration of Theological Education
  • Practice of Instruction
  • Teaching in the Local Church
  • Christian Philosophy

Admission Requirements

2nd class Honors, Upper Division or GPA of 2.7, Or
2nd class Honors Lower Division or GPA of 2.5 with relevant work experience of at least 2 years.

Applicants should have an academic background in Theology


School of Religion and Christian Ministry


ANU Online


2 Academic Years


ANU Main Campus


January, September