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Professional Mediation and Reconciliation

Description of the Program

Professional Mediation and Reconciliation is becoming a transformative force within the global and local Judicial system. There are several types of mediation including facilitative, court-annexed, and evaluative among others.  To mediate and promote reconciliation successfully in a variety of professional and interpersonal circumstances, participants in the course will be provided with fundamental skills and knowledge. This course looks deeply into the tactics, strategies, and ethical issues related to effective mediation and reconciliation. Mediation is a critical process in resolving conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings. In this facilitative mediation, successful participants can mediate in the following areas: commercial, human rights, environmental, intellectual property, contracts, tenants’ conflict, family mediation, succession, inheritance, divorce, election and political, and insurance claims among others.

Course Fee: 25000 inclusive of refreshments and Lunch 

The participants shall be awarded 3 certificates inclusive of a Professional Mediation and Reconciliation certificate, transcript, and letter of recognition to enable them to apply to the Mediation Accreditation Committee or for private meditation.

Objectives of the Program

By the completion of the course, participants will have learned the skills necessary to successfully mediate disputes between disputing parties, advance mutual understanding, and aid in long-lasting peace in both personal and professional contexts.

Day 1: Introduction to the Mediation & Understanding Dynamics of Conflicts

Day 2: Emerging Issues and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms & Mediation Process and Skills 

Day 3: Professional Standards, Ethics & Self-Care Practices & Gender, Power, and Culture in Mediation 

Day 4: Court Annexed Mediation & Starting A Successful Mediation Practice

Day 5: Reconciliation Strategies, Certification, Mentorship, Mentorship, and Accreditation with Mediation and Accreditation Committee 


Join us in the Professional Mediation and Reconciliation course to begin your transformational path toward becoming a skilled mediator qualified to facilitate fruitful outcomes and make a positive contribution to conflict-ridden situations. The program uses different approaches to learning inclusive of interactive learning approaches; real-world case studies; role-playing simulations; expert faculty; cross-cultural competence; peer learning; and networking opportunities among others. 


A combination of exams, assignments, role-playing activities, and a final project comprising a mock mediation case will be used to evaluate participants. A Professional Mediation and Reconciliation certification, which attests to the participant's competence in resolving disputes and supporting reconciliation in a variety of situations, will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Admission Requirements

Who Should Enroll - Diploma holders and above. 

  1. Professionals in Conflict-Prone Fields 
  2. Managers and Leaders 
  3. Religious Leaders 
  4. Legal and Paralegal Professionals 
  5. Counsellors and Therapists 
  6. Community and Social Workers 
  7. Educators and Trainers 
  8. Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 
  9. Aspiring Mediators 
  10. Individuals Seeking Personal Growth 
  11. Government and Diplomatic Personnel 


School of Religion and Christian Ministry


Blended Learning


5 days


ANU Main Campus


January, September, May