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Working Papers


Unleashing Talent through Higher Education in Kenya: A case of Universities in Nairobi City.Ongiti,O,K.Ongoing Research 2020.
Closing the Mathematical Gender Gap in Higher Education: A case of selected universities in Kenya.Ongiti,O,K.Ongoing Research 2020.
“Dag Hammarskjöld’s Killers are Enemies of Peace Diplomacy”.Khamala, C,A.Ongoing Research 2020.
“Containment without Covid-19 inside Kenya’s Refugee Camps”.Khamala, C,A.The COVID-19 Response,


Ongoing Research 2020.

“Environmental crimes and socioeconomic crimes: post-covid claims under the African charter of human and peoples’ rights”Khamala, C,A.Ongoing Research 2020.
Ecology and conservation (fibropapillomatosis), ecology of fibropapillomatosis in green turtles in Watamu, kenya.Sharon , J.Ongoing Research, 2020.
Critical success factors for women led micro enterprises: a comparative study of Kenya and Namibia.Abraham, R., Kimani, G., 



Namweya, N.

Ongoing Research, 2020,  Data Analysis stage.
Entrepreneurship mindset.Kamau, J.Ongoing Research 2020.
Covid; Impact on education.Kamau, J.Ongoing Research 2020.
Poverty as a product: a conceptual analysis of poverty tourism.Obwatho,S. Ongoing Research 2020.
“Identifying the Most Feasible Technologies for mHealth Maternal Mortality Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa”.Mukami,V., Millham,R., Puckree,T.,&



Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, Springer Nature, Switzerland. (in press) – Yet to be published by the Journal.
Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.
Book on IHL and Africa culture.Ojwang,D.Ongoing Research 2020.
The role of law on religious liberty in the article attached with the Africa Journal.Ojwang,D.Ongoing Research 2020.
Community mining and marginalization in Kenya.Odhiambo,R.Ongoing Research 2020.
Book Chapters sent by a Team of researchers interested in International Humanitarian Law and Africa Culture.Ojwang,D. &Others.Ongoing Research 2020.
Launching of new multidisciplinary journal in collaboration with the Kenya Christian profession forum, Ojwang, D,  is the chair of the journal and the call for paper first volume was  , “the Ajournal on life, family and religion (ajlfr)”.Ojwang ,D.“The Africa journal on life, family and religion (ajlfr)”.


Ongoing Research 2020.

Solid Waste Management Projects in Nairobi County, Kenya:  Analytical Review of Project Management Technical Skills and Performance of Youth Environmental Projects.Nderitu,W.



Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.
Synopsis of Analysis Showing Monitoring and Evaluation


Moderating influence on the relationship between Project

Management Skills and Performance of Youth Environmental


Nderitu,W.University of Nairobi Project Management Conference, 


Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.

Evaluation Research Pedagogy – Teaching and learning responsible research in Evaluation Ecosystems.Nderitu,W.AFREA Conference,   Abidjan; Ivory Coast.


Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.

Blurb in Aweis A. Ali, A Proverb Is Worth A Thousand Words: A Paremiography from Around the World.  Kamau,P,M.Nairobi, Kenya: Maandeeq .Ongoing Research 2020.
Journal article. Interethnic conflict in Kenya: a biblical response to conflicts prevention and reconciliations among warring communities. Kamau,P,M.Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.
What is Arminian Theology? Sāo Paulo, Brazil: Reflexāo.Rustin,B.Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.
The Death and Resurrection of the Church. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books.Rustin,B.Ongoing Research 2020 for publishing.
Book Review ; Wilson, D. R. Church and Chapel in Industrializing Society: Anglican Ministry and Methodism in Shropshire.Russell,F.Book Review; forthcoming.  


Ongoing Research 2020.