NOTICE TO ALL POTENTIAL GRADUANDS 2017: Graduation Magazine Photo Schedule.


1Main DL

Nairobi DL, Regular & Ev.

Main- Regular and others.
Main -Harmons Bldng-1st Flr. (Admissions Office)

Nairobi (DY&EV) Agro House- NA508 (Chapel

Main -Harmons Bldng-1st Flr. (Admissions Office)
25th February 2017

6TH March 2017-9th March 2017

13th March 2017-16th March 2017
10am – 3 pm

3pm – 6pm

10am – 3 pm
2School Based


18th April 2017

20th April 2017
11am – 3pm

11am – 3pm
3AllMain27th April 201711am – 3 pm

** – Consult your Campus Director and or Center Coordinators.


  • All intent to graduate forms duly signed with course planner and transcript attached, must be submitted to the respective Schools/Departments and a copy of the form be submitted to the photographer before a photograph is taken
  • Kindly note these dates so that the 2017 graduation process will be effective.
  • Graduation photos can be taken in any of the specified sessions
  • After the last week of the April 2017 session, we will NOT take any more photographs, hence; will not appear in the Graduation magazine.