1. How many trimesters/years are completed in a Degree/Diploma?

A Degree is completed in 8 trimesters (3years) / Diploma is finalized in 4 trimesters (1year and 3 ½ months)

  2. What are trimesters? How many months do they take?

These are terms that last 3 ½ months. There are 3 trimesters in a year


  1. How much is the total tuition fees for foreign students?

(Referring to the fee structure) Non- African students are charged 20% higher in tuition fees.


  1. Do you accept students who studied high school in other countries?

Yes. Students are admitted on the basis of their qualifications which should meet the University’s entry requirements.


  1. What is the application procedure for admission?Pick up an application form and fill in the details and attach the requirements such as documents.


  1. Is the admission to the university direct entry or is one subjected to a waiting list?

Admission is direct entry based upon the application process and whether the applicant qualifies for their chosen program of study.


  1. Does the University consider one’s cumulative grade or individual grades for admission into a course?

Admission is based on the aggregate grade along with one’s Maths and English grades.


  1. What is the minimum entry qualification for postgraduate courses?

A Second Upper Class or a Second Lower Class with a minimum of 2 years work experience.


  1. Do you have part-time certificate courses?Currently the University offers full-time certificate courses.


  1. Do you accept credit transfers from other universities?

Yes. Applicants are required to attach their transcripts during application.


  1. Why are PUPs not allowed to do Law Degree?

The high school grades required to pursue a Law degree are in line with the Council of Legal Education which are not met by a PUP student.


  1. What are the entry points for those from IGSE?

To pursue a degree program one requires 5 passes and 3 passes for Diploma and PUP.


  1. Can the University introduce Saturday and Sunday classes?

No. The University only offers regular, evening, school-based and distance-learning classes.


  1. Evening and Regular classes for Education?

No. Education only is only offered on the school-based and distance learning modes.


  1. Are there any scholarships or financial aid funds to subsidize tuition?

The only tuition scholarships available are for students who scored a B+ minimum.


  1. Why is the fees so high compared to other universities?

The fees are affordable and match up to the quality of education and services offered by the university.


  1. What are the times for evening classes?

Classes begin at 5.30 pm and end at 8.30 pm.


  1. What is Pre-University all about?

It is a trimester-long course that caters for students who scored C or C- grade or equivalent and it bridges one to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.


  1. How many units should one take in a trimester for undergraduate?

4 to 6 units.


  1. How many intakes do you have in a year?

Three. In January, May and September.

  1. Are there extra-curricular activities at the main campus?

Yes. There are different sports (football, basketball, softball, table tennis etc.) and clubs (SIFE, Drama, Christian Union, Wildlife etc.)


  1. Does a student have to buy textbooks?

The library at the campuses offer textbooks for borrowing and those who want to buy can do so at the bookstore. (Applicable to main campus).


  1. Are there any boarding facilities in the main campus?

Yes. There are separate hostels for men and women within the main campus.


  1. Is the boarding fee inclusive of all meals for the boarding students?

Yes. Meals are offered 3 times a day, every day.


  1. Do I have to adhere to the Code of Conduct?

Yes. This is because it is in line with the University’s core values which aim to produce individuals of character.


  1. Is there any dress code for students?

Yes there are dress guidelines which are outlined in the student’s handbook.


  1. Are there buses operating to and from main campus?

Yes. There are two buses scheduled to operate both to Ongata Rongai and Nairobi CBD.


  1. How many students share a room in the university hostels?

2 students share a room in the ladies hostels  while 3-4 students for the gents hostels.


  1. Which church is the university affiliated to?

Africa Nazarene University is affiliated to the Church of the Nazarene which has institutions around the world.