Welcome to Africa Nazarene University.

VC pic website In line with our tagline ‘What begins here, transforms the world.’ Africa Nazarene University has within the past 20 years of her existence, made significant contributions to the world. Guided by our Vision and Mission that endeavors to embrace a holistic education that depends totally on God’s tenets, we are firmly committed to providing an academic experience that integrates and exposes our students to the latest world of high academic excellence and technologies which will adequately prepare them to meet the challenges aimed at transforming the world as the leaders of tomorrow. Faculty, staff, students and alumni alike remain dedicated to imparting the University core values – Character, Competence and Community – the beginning of our quest to transform the world.

As a Christian University which endeavors to offer a holistic education grounded on Christian values, we give students an opportunity to develop their character, the strengthening of the basis of their roots. This process helps to mold their being and becomes a compass to directing their decisions and choices. Africa Nazarene University highly appreciates the value of acquiring and maintaining academic excellence.

Africa Nazarene University knows all too well that without other areas of soft skills such as integrity, dependability, trustworthiness, ability to get along with others, appreciation of others, values that enhance self-control and many other traits that create wholesomeness and harmony in communities and nations, a students’ competences may be compromised and opportunity for realization of their self-actualization may not be maximized. Such skills are necessary for success in leadership roles. To nurture the leadership skills in our students, the University offers a mentorship program which provides a proper support system instilling values by role playing and role modeling to ensure students are integrated with the right experiences during their University experience. They also go to schools and orphanages to mentor the less advantaged as a way of giving back to society. No wonder then that we have witnessed that most of our graduates get employed and entrusted with jobs and positions in the top tiers of national and international organizations.

ANU alumni — our flag bearers, have been recognized globally for their devotion in keeping with their values of service, character, community and integrity instilled in them during their University student life. Our track record is a positive example of innovative graduates who have genuinely changed lives all over the world. Truly they have lived our tagline “what begins here transforms the world.”

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all – our newest students, returning students, administrative staff and faculty to ANU as we endeavor to serve God’s kingdom in various capacities and roles.

Prof Leah T. Marangu
Vice Chancellor
Ph.D., D.Litt., S.S., MBS