Dan Kashironge (Congolese)


The quality of education at ANULS cuts across boarders as it has identified comparative and international law as its niche area. The teaching approached that is used at law school exposed me to gain international legal theory and practice within my country.

ANULS was inspiring and enriching place to be. Students were provided with opportunities to develop their talents through extra –curricular activities such as drama and sports. The members of the faculty team were very approachable and this made…

John Nyanje (Kenyan)


Studying law at ANULS was an experience that I enjoyed and will always recall. The institution transformed my thinking both as a student and a member of the society. It was a unique wholesome experience that could not be compared to any other academic experience.  I participated in several moot court competitions and   won various awards and accolades. I attribute those noble achievements and successes to the kind of practical training and mentorship we received at ANULS

During my judicial…

Balqeisa Ibrahim (Kenyan)


I chose to study law because I come from a marginalized community and there are very few female lawyers. I felt that ANU environment was very conducive for empowering upcoming female lawyers in receiving quality education in order to serve others confidently.  Indeed ANULS vision “to provide graduate of character and integrity, equipped for service and leadership to make a difference in Africa and the world” played a major role in shaping my thinking and towards approaching my career…

Wycliffe Nyabuto (Kenyan)


I chose ANULS because of the institutions’ religious orientation and academic excellence grounded on the three Cs; Character, Competence and Community. At ANULS, you not only become academically competent but also develop a charitable skill.

The law school has excellent learning facilities like the moot court which gave me a taste of practice through participation in the mock cases held internally. The teaching staff adopted the individualized teaching methodologies that allowed students to critically and analytically think. This helped one…

Betty Kioko (Kenyan)


Joining ANULS was one of the best experiences as it provided a learning environment to the future lawyers in the country. The diverse nature of the members of the faculty from the litigators, academics and to the consultants opens your eyes to the opportunities of the legal field. Furthermore, ANULS made me realize that nothing in life is handed down to anybody on a silver platter as one must work hard for it.

Mooting was one of the enjoyable experiences…



“Thanks to Africa Nazarene, Taka Smart is no longer just a dream. it is a revolution. a solution to waste management and a key step to attaining our global goals. We may not have won the Hult Prize Regionals but we did leave a mark – an African print on the hearts of everyone who was present.”  – Saruni Maina

Saruni Maina is the Cheif Executive Officer, Taka Smart, a brainchild business start up idea by…



“Hult Prize Regionals gave us more than we sought to get. A rare opportunity to be counted among world changers. They will soon hear about Taka Smart because we are motivated more than ever.” – Jessica Celeste Ninteretse

Jessica Ninteretse is the Head of Marketing, Taka Smart, a brainchild business start up idea by four team Taka Smart members who came together during the intra-campus Hult Prize Competitions hosted at the University’s Main Campus on November 28, 2015. Read more…



“It was amazing seeing teams from different regions in the world come up with good ideas to solve a common problem. The passion in them was an inspiration to me. I am looking forward to the actual implementation of Taka Smart through our pilot project.” – Kevin Nderitu

Kevin Nderitu is the Head of Research, Taka Smart, a brainchild business start up idea by four team Taka Smart members who came together during the intra-campus Hult Prize Competitions hosted at…



“I don’t think the Hult Prize is just a competition but an effective driver to get young people thinking about world problems. Without the Hult Prize, there would still be considerable waste management issues affecting our countries, there would not be a Taka Smart. And all it took was a trigger, a spark under the guise of a race for a million dollars.” – Clement Habinshuti.


Evelyn Friday Udofia – Master of Business Administration


My interaction with ANU dates as far back as 1998 when my father Friday Udofia joined ANU to pursue his Bachelor of Theology degree. To date, I have fond memories of the passionate stories and pictures my father shared about ANU during his study breaks when he had an opportunity to come home for his vacation. My father’s personal testimonies of a University that instills academic excellence built on moral integrity and character inspired me to want to be…

Michael Chifodya, Bachelor of Computer Science


With a bag full of dreams and a skeptical mind full of questions, I wondered how the transition was going to be. From my deep Southern African roots I was about to dig deep into East Africa, Kenya to be precise. Of course I came with books in mind, but I wondered how the reception or lack thereof would really be. All these questions almost made me forget I was joining one of the most prestigious universities in the…

Kimutai Kemboi, Bachelor of Commerce – Finance Option


Two things stand out in my mind as reasons I decided to invest in my future at ANU. First, it was an overwhelming conviction that it is an institution dedicated to the success of its students. Secondly, the students themselves were extremely friendly and helpful through a dedicated mentorship programme. People often talk about the sense of family at ANU. I know it’s because it fosters a culture of character and competence development from top to bottom where everyone…