Description of the Program
The certificate proficiency course will be offered in modular format to provide flexibility for learners according to their individual and professional needs. Candidates wishing to improve their skills and understanding for special aspects of research will take the module they desire and will obtain a certificate of attendance for the given module. Those wishing to study all the modules will graduate with a Certificate of Proficiency covering the entire package.
Objectives of the Program
1)      Train researchers who can effectively plan and design research projects and, in turn, transfer the same skills to younger scholars within the institution and other institutions in the country so to provide skills that are needed in designing sound county and national projects.

2)      Equip faculty and postgraduate students with skills needed for writing successful grant proposals to increase the revenue base and building good relations with donors.

3)      Improve skills for understanding the differences between different survey designs, data management, and analysis for benefit of policy makers.

4)      Equip learners with strong and appropriate advanced data analysis techniques so that they can contribute to capacity building of staff in county and national governments.

5)      Develop scientific writing and publishing skills so that findings are communicated and shared responsibly to impact a broader understanding of issues at all levels of the community.

6)      Strengthen research management and leadership skills for improved development programs.

Units Offered




Admission Requirements

The Proficiency Course in Research Methods will admit learners with a Bachelor’s Degree and above in any discipline. The offer includes students wishing to obtain the full skills and competencies for the full “Proficiency Certificate”. The four modules total to  48 hours of university coursework.

Duration of the Program

One Trimester (3 months)

Mode of Study

Part Time


Locations where the program is offered



Fee Structure


Each MODULE of 12 hours will cost 10,000 KES

School or Department which program is offered under

Faculty and Research