Objectives of the Program

At the completion of the Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice and Security Management degree program, graduates should be able to:

Apply criminological theories, principles and rules in political, social and economic context.
Demonstrate skills in criminology and security research, logical argumentation, and vigorous analysis of security principles.

Analyze the challenges facing Africa and the role of the security profession in addressing them;
Formulate and defend a robust and thoughtful code of professional conduct consistent with the guidelines of the profession and their religious and/or moral values system(s).
Communicate effectively on the security matters and needs using appropriate terminologies.
Conduct effective criminology research which contributes and enhances security knowledge base.

Units Offered

Introduction To Criminology

Introduction to Theories of Crime

Criminal Law

Introduction To Law Enforcement

Social Foundations of Law

Human Resource Management

Principles of Criminal investigations

Criminal Justice System

Crime and Physical Environment

Introduction to Security Management

Criminal procedure

Psychology of criminal behavior

Law of evidence

Criminology and Penology

Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Security

Professional Ethics And Responsibility

Community Policing

Criminal Justice Management

Crime Prevention  strategies

Negotiation: Crisis and Hostage

Social Work

Disaster Management

Public Relations for Criminal Justice

Risk Management for Managers

International Human Rights Law

Cyber Crimes

Applied Crime Mapping

Project Proposal for Funding

Gender and Crime

Project (as per specialization)

White Collar and Corporate Crimes

Sociological Explanations of Criminal Behavior





Basic Mathematics

Structure and Usage

Study Skills

Academic Writing

Introduction Computer Applications

Old Testament

Internship (Regular)

Personal, Family and Community Health


Christian Ethics

Christian Beliefs

Development of Society

New Testament



Seminar in Substance Abuse and Drugs Awareness

Seminar in Protective Services

Seminar on Fire and Safety Protection


Admission Requirements

Overall Grade of C+ in KCSE and C in Maths,

2 principals & a Subsidiary (A’level),
5 credits in IGCSE or equivalent
Minimum GPA of 2.3 from Diploma
Credit pass at Diploma level
Exemptions awarded to applicants with a minimum GPA of 2.7.

Duration of the Program
  • 8 Trimesters


  • 2 Years and 8 Month


  • 4 Academic years
Mode of Study

Distance Learning


Part Time

Locations where the program is offered
  • Leah T. Marangu Campus
  • Nairobi Campus
Next Intake
  • January
  • May
  • September
Fee Structure

Fee Structure- 2017- Undergraduate

Fee Structure- 2017- DL


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