Admissions Office: Courses Offered

Graduate Programs

  1. Doctor of Ministry

  2. Master of Education

  3. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  4. Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)

  5. Master of Science in Governance, Peace and Security

  6. Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resource Management.

  7. Master of Science in Applied Information Technology.

  8. Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)

  2. Bachelor of Science in International Business Management (IBM)

  3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc)

  4. Bachelor of Business and Information Technology (BBIT)

  5. Bachelor of Dryland Natural Resource Management (B.DRM)

  6. Bachelor of Mass Communication (B.MC)

  7. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  8. Bachelor of Christian Ministries (BA-CM)

  9. Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology (BA.C.Psy)

  10. Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies (BA. P&CRS)

  11. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Primary, Secondary, Early Childhood and Special Needs

  12. Bachelor of Theology (BTH)

  13. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development.

  14. Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Security Management.

Diploma Programs

  1. Diploma in Community Development

  2. Diploma in Business Administration (Dip. BA)

  3. Diploma in Information Technology (Dip. IT)

  4. Diploma in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies (Dip. P&CRS)

  5. Diploma in Counseling Psychology (Dip. C. Psy)

  6. Diploma in Public Relations (Dip. PR)

  7. Diploma in Criminology

  8. Diploma in Mobile Computing

  9. Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Dip. ECE)

Certificate Programs

  1. Certificate in Business Management.

  2. Certificate in Information Technology.

  3. Certificate in Peace and Conflict Management.

  4. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Biblical Studies.

  5. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Chaplaincy.

  6. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Church Ministries.

  7. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Community Development.

  8. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Church Music.

  9. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Counseling.

  10. Certificate in Christian Ministries - Evangelism and Missions.

  11. Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Short Courses

  1. Pre-University Program (PUP)

  2. Bridging in Mathematics (Brid. Mathematics)

  3. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  4. Cisco Certified network Associate,level 1-4

Professional Courses

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment/Environmental Audit (EIA/EA)
  2. Geographical Information Systems
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Executive Course.
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