Our Mission

MissionTo support the University’s mission to provide a holistic education that develops individuals academically, spiritually, culturally and physically; and to equip them with excellent skills, competencies and Christian values which will enable them go into the world well prepared to meet the challenges of their time by providing access to information sources and resources. We strive to make knowledge available through such means as:

  • Acquisition, organization, management, housing and preservation of collections.
  • Use of appropriate technologies for retrieval and manipulation of information.
  • Provision of personalized reference and bibliographical services.
  • Teaching users how to find, evaluate, and use information independently as a basis for life-long learning. (Information literacy skills).

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in provision of user-centered information services to all Africa Nazarene University community whether internally or off-campus.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the intellectual heart of the university, where the vast heritage of human thought and experience will be preserved to provide a stage for interaction of scholarly minds, in addition to assisting the university in pursuit of its vision, mission and philosophy, thereby enabling the university to provide academic excellence.