Technical Services

Technical services is the core of all library services. It includes both Cataloging and Acquisition sections.

Acquisition Division

The acquisition division is responsible for the acquisition of library materials through purchase, exchange and gift methods. The department acquires library materials in coordination with the campus library, library administration, faculty and the other groups of its clientele.
The major objective of the acquisition department is securing library materials for the University Library System through the best possible methods. The major functions of the division include:

  • Obtaining materials by purchase, gift and exchange
  • Paying for or acknowledging receipt
  • Maintaining appropriate records
  • Selection of library materials
  • Formulation of selection policy
  • Overall collection development, evaluation and weeding
  • Recording of serials, gift, exchange and allied operations

Cataloging Division

The cataloging division organises the entire library collection in a systematic order to enable easy and quick retrieval of information. Our library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme in classifying and cataloging its materials.
The processed bibliographic data is then stored in our automated system (SIRS MANDARIN), to enable patron access via the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC.)

Readers Services

Readers Services is an arm responsible for all user services, namely: enabling of access to the collection via Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), user education, reference and referral services, Current Awareness Services, Inter-library Lending and lastly indexing and abstracting.

This department includes our Circulation desk, Africana and the Reference divisions.

The Circulation Desk



The circulation desk is charged with the responsibility of lending and discharging library materials. To ensure maximum utilisation of the available resources, Grace Roles Library has put about eighty percent of its entire collection on open access, whereby users are able to browse and pick any material at will.
Under the circulation services falls the short loan / reserve collection, designed to supplement the library resources and ensure fair utilisation of the available materials. Here the materials on high demand are safeguarded and lent to users for a short period, ranging from two hours to a maximum of one day.

Reference Divison

The reference division is charged with assisting users to access the information or source in which they are interested. Users are provided with authoritative, up-to-date reference materials, ranging from dictionaries and almanacs to concordances and commentaries. The library personnel directs users to resources relevant to their searches.

Africana Division

The unique Africana division collects works produced by African authors, or of topical interest to Africa. It has been designed to further readership in African literature and promote knowledge of the African continent.
It also boasts a Maasai collection, which includes materials focusing on Maasai culture and traditions, literature on the Maa tribes, works on topical interest to the Maasai community and those authored by Maasai people.

The collection is a deliberate effort by Africa Nazarene University to recognise the surrounding community, as our location is in Maasai land plains. This commitment is in line with the Universities’ core values of Character, Competence and Community.