Director's Message

Rebecca Mwikali Wambua

Our academic programs within the institute are designed to create the opportunity for those in need of advancing careers in various fields to do so with ease and convenience. For a fast-growing knowledge based economy distance learning is a strategic imperative for any nation seeking to fulfil its development goals. Our distance learning programs offer a unique opportunity to combine the power of technology and global networks with the infinite economic potential that is released when people acquire, create, and apply knowledge and skills.

Africa Nazarene University Institute of Open and Distance Learning was established in the year 2011 to spearhead the development of institutional policies and strategies for promoting the innovative use of information and Communication Technologies to benefit learning, teaching and research activities at the University.

The Institute is located on the top floor of Helstrom building at the beautiful Ongata Rongai Campus. The Institute prides itself in a results-oriented core staff and an ambient open plan work environment.The members of staff have been trained on the principles of instructional design for various delivery modes for open and distance learning modes, aimed at developing learning approaches that would guarantee real-time reach to students in multiple locations in a cost – effective way.

The institute has transitioned considerably in the last two years by furthering the University’s vision and embracing a more contemporary approach to technology-based learning, teaching and research practices to exploit the transformative potential of the internet and other ICTs in higher education.  A great number of teaching staff have been able to provide some early examples of contextualized e-learning best practices drawn from their internal departmental e-learning initiatives. Through the Institute we hope to gradually support students and academic staff empowerment in Modern communication and collaborative learning and teaching techniques to enable them to contribute significantly to quality teaching and learning experiences.

Our eNaz Virtual learning environment is modeled around a web-based learning management system, electronic community and administrative sites for students and faculty. Besides hosting learning and teaching activities, the eNaz facilitates interaction and collaboration between and among students, academic, administrative and technical staff.

Through the eNaz platform of Africa Nazarene University, therefore, learners are able to access high quality learning resources, interact with course Lecturers and collaborate with fellow learners on various learning tasks within the comfort of their work place, homes cybercafés or even while on business trips.

Mission & Vision

The institute adopts Africa Nazarene University’s mission to provide a holistic education that develops individuals academically, spiritually, culturally and physically and equip them with excellent skills, competencies and Christian values.

Africa Nazarene University’s vision is to be a light to the people of Africa through higher education grounded in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.

Our Motto in IODL is “To Teach to Serve”.

Contact Information

IODL phone number – 0772-981-950
Africa Nazarene University (general enquiries) (254) 733 874 111 or 733 898, 573