The ANU student exchange program seeks to orient our students to a global world, intercultural exchange and exposure to diversity.

  1. Apply to the University of Choice using the Student Exchange Program application form.
  2. After admission, ANU students will pay the normal expected tuition and administrative fees to ANU as per the normal procedure.
  3. Students will take a maximum of 4 units per session in foreign university.
  4. Duration of the exchange program will be 16 week inclusive of exams
  5. Admitted students will be accommodated on campus for the duration of the program.
  6. Students to cater for the following costs but not limited to: Payable at Korea Nazarene University
    (a) Accommodation at USD 550 per session (semester).
    (b) Meal plan at USD 400 per session (semester).
    (c) Alien Registration / Student visa USD 30
    (d) Mandatory Health Insurance USD 200.

Individual expenses
(e) Return Air ticket.
(f) Visa Fees to Korea.
(g) Personal expenses.
ANU will facilitate relaying of the fees payable to KNU as well as booking of Air Tickets and Processing of VISA once payments have been made by those interested.