Education for All Children (EFAC) in partnership with Africa Nazarene University (ANU) provides scholarships, mentoring, and global connections to bright but needy students in Kenya to develop them as leaders, change makers and facilitate economic progress, promote intercultural understanding and advocate for peace and stability. The partnership started in year 2008.


EFAC provides scholarships and mentoring to bright but financially challenged Kenyan students to create scholars who are leaders, productive members of the community, and custodians for peace and stability.

EFAC believes that education and mentoring are key tools to empower youth and combat unemployment. However, a significant number of Kenyan citizens subsist on less than $2/day and cannot afford to pay tuition fees for secondary education. Empowerment through education and mentoring will break this cycle of generational poverty and play a key role towards achieving Kenya’s Vision 2030. ANU helps to identify deserving students, facilitates student-mentor communications, career planning and organizes the all-important mentoring and transition programs.

Photo: EFAC high school scholars together with the mentors during a recent Annual mentorship workshop hosted at Africa Nazarene University

Mentor Program

This involves providing year-round support and guidance to EFAC students. The annual three day Mentor workshop unites the students and focuses on: team building, leadership activities, motivational speakers and career counseling. During the workshop, each student is assigned with a mentor who is preferably an ANU student or EFAC scholars who have demonstrated leadership and mentorship ability.

Transition Program

This is mainly designed for graduating EFAC students and provides them with the skills for their transition to post-secondary education and future opportunities. The two weeks Career and Computer workshop mainly aims to empower the scholars with values, life skills, leadership skills, competencies and career guidance that positions them to succeed in life and the world of work. Each post-secondary scholar is assigned to two mentors: a US mentor and an ANU mentor who is preferably a staff or a faculty. The mentor guides the scholars to make wise career choices as well as build their character for life. Prior to entering college/university, each student engages in a community service project for at least 8 weeks as a way of giving back to the society and develop some critical life skills.

EFAC Student Body

EFAC/ANU is offering scholarship and mentorship to 247 scholars who are accessing quality education in secondary schools and institutions of higher learning. This includes 151 scholars in high school and 96 scholars who are currently in Universities/Colleges. Despite the barriers to success, more than half of EFAC scholars are ranked in the top 25% academically in their respective classes in high school. EFAC supports both girls and boys at a ratio of 2:1.

Success Stories

You planted a seed in a desperate heart where there was no hope before,” said Samwel Amwai, a former street boy who is currently pursuing Bachelor of Business and Information Technology (BBIT) at Africa Nazarene University. Samwel is using his skills, education and experience to mentor other street boys at Nyumba ya Tumaini Children’s Home.

“I am the first one to go to school and thanks to EFAC, I just finished my high school. Without EFAC there was no hope, but now there is hope not just for me, but also for my family,” Branice Yiamoi. She was raised in a polygamous family of 26 children and she is currently studying Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences with IT at Maseno University.

“I used to have low self-esteem and sometimes I even used to hate myself. The skills which I learnt in the workshop have helped me to improve my self-image” Form one scholar at St. Mary’s Boys Sec. School.

Partner with EFAC/ANU

EFAC desires to increase its impact by increasing the number of scholars to 600 students by 2019. In this regard, EFAC/ANU is planning to host an annual fund drive dubbed “The Power of one Mountain Climb” in August, 2015. Its main aim is to mobilize resources to facilitate the increment of bright but needy students’ enrollment and support.

EFAC and ANU would like to partner with individuals and organizations that desires to change lives of the less privileged. By making a commitment to participate in this climb, you will not only change one life, but contribute to the development of an entire community.

EFAC/ANU therefore invites you to partner by contributing financially as an individual or organization or as a group. We also invite you to partner in mentoring this young people.

EFAC is eager to see the scholars make a contribution to their community and the economy, we therefore are seeking for internship/volunteer opportunities to empower the scholars with requisite experience and skills as they pursue their education.

EFAC believes in the power of collaboration with like-minded partners. With more support from individuals and organizations like you, we will continue to touch a life, one student at a time.