Distance Learning @ANU

Our Distance Learning platform provides flexible study wherever you are. It was designed to accommodate individuals with career aspirations but have hectic schedules which cannot fit in the traditional modes of study. We offer all our programs including doctorate, masters, undergraduate, diploma and certificate on distance learning

Under distance learning;

  • All online teaching and learning take place in an online environment. The students can log in at any time at their convenience. Once online the students are able to communicate with their instructors and fellow students, read assigned texts, access digital materials, post assignments and participate in discussion forums us directed by the Instructor.
  • All online experience takes place on an advanced learning management system designed to facilitate the optimal learning experience for students. Similar to the campus classroom, the online experience includes extensive participation and interaction with faculty and students.
  • Once a distance learner has completed his/her degree, he will be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony at Africa Nazarene University graduation grounds.
  • The degree you earn will hold the same value, acceptance and credibility as any equivalent degree earned in a traditional campus environment.
  • Courses sequence begin at the beginning of every trimester in January, May and September.

e-Naz Platform

Our eNaz virtual learning environment is modeled around a web-based learning management system, electronic community and administrative sites for students and faculty. Besides hosting learning and teaching activities, the eNaz facilitates interaction and collaboration between and among students, academic, administrative and technical staff.

The 24/7 accessibility to our virtual learning environment, Enaz makes scheduling easy and allows a greater number of students from all over the world to attend classes online at their convenience. The ANU IODL Enaz platform is being hosted in Kansas City, USA with an uptime of 96%.
Benefits of Distance Learning at Africa Nazarene University, IODL

  • Learning is self-placed and gives students a chance to speed up or slow down as desired.
  • Overall students costs are reduced as the distance learner does not have to pay for food, residence and transport.
  • Through our distance learning program the students’ computer and internet skill are enhanced.
  • Our didactical and pedagogical principles are solid and are grounded on sound educational theories.
  • Our courses are accessible on the student’s schedule 24/7 on Enaz Platform.
  • Learning through our DL programs is self-placed.
  • Our students are unbound by place. They can study at home, at work or on the road.
  • Our rich e-resources repositories enables students to read materials online or download them for reading later.
  • Our chosen technological tools on our virtual learning environment make collaboration among students much easier. Collaborative learning on our VLE makes learning easier and interesting as our learners are connected virtually.
  • We emphasisze the use of open educational resources which puts the global learning opportunities at the fingertips of our learners. IODL gives the lecturers ability to build in tools that take them to resources that may never be seen in a traditional class.
  • The cornerstone of our distance learning program is;“Flexibility, Convenience and collaboration.”

Duration of Programs

ProgramDuration in YearsDuration in Trimesters
Graduate2 Years6
Undergraduate4 Years8
Diploma1 Year 4 Months4
Certificate6 Months2

Regional Centers & Offices

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