Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Posted on 07 October 2010 10:06

Objectives of the programme:

By the end of this course,our graduates will be  able to:

  • Demonstrate superior understanding of the theories and techniques of            counselling psychology in their practice
  • Practice  counselling in a away that is consistent with the  legal and ethical principles of counselling
  • Practice counselling in a variety of work settings including hospitals, church organisations schools, colleges, NGOs Community Based Organizations  and in private practice.
  • Work with a variety of special populations including the HIV positive,refugees, disabled, windowed etc.

Duration of the Programme

3 years.

Entry Requirement.

The entry requirement for this course includes either of the following:

  • KCSE C+ (Plus) and above or Division 11
  • C ( Plain) plus a Diploma in counselling from a recognized institution
  • C- (minus) plus a Diploma from a recognized institution
  • D+ (Plus) plus a Certificate and Diploma

Modes of Study:

You can choose to study our Degree programme through any of the following programmes

  • Regular programme,
  • Evening programme
  • Distance Learning programme.


The intake for the regular programme is in January, April, September.

intake for the distance learning programme is done every month.