Office Overview

To guide the University community to pursue and uphold a Christ- like servant identity that impacts Africa and beyond.

The Spiritual Life Development Department creates and maintains a vibrant Christian ethos among staff and students centering on:

  • Respecting and valuing the dignity of human life,
  • Facilitating a redemptive environment where community members are nurtured spiritually, intellectually, and physically into transformative Christ-likeness.
  • Fostering reflective service opportunities to strengthen and engage community for the common good.

Believing that effective witness and power is displayed through our communal life in the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Life Development coordinates:

Worship Ministries

Corporate Worship services draw the ANU community together for support through music, singing, creative arts, prayer, proclamation of the word of God, witnessing to Christ’s transforming work among us, sharing of the Lord’s supper, and service to one another.

A Holiness Week emphasis (corporate worship services held daily Monday through Friday) calls the ANU community together early in each trimester around a special theme.

Prayer gatherings/walks focus specific attention on various needs and concerns demonstrating our dependency on Christ Jesus for transformative discerning guidance.

Discipleship Groups

Small groups meet to offer hospitality, reflect on scriptures, listen to each other, pray together and strengthen members through accountability.

Student – led Ministries

Believing that all are called to serve the body of Christ, students join in offering their gifts and abilities to others within the ANU community and beyond through mentorship and training, peer counseling, compassionate ministry service, and sports days.

Outreach Opportunities

Serving beyond the ANU perimeters, many staff, faculty, and students participate in making a difference for the most vulnerable and marginalized in our world. What begins here, truly transforms the world for Christ’s sake.

The Director of Spiritual Life Development who is also the University Chaplain heads the department.