KCB_ANU Alumni Card Marketing

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  •  Alumni identification card – apart from the card evoking a feeling of nostalgia regarding your alma mater, this card offers an ease of access of all ANU campuses once you have graduated. You show the card to the officers at entry point juts like staff and students show their ID cards
  •  ANU Library Access – This card enables you borrow a maximum of 2 books from ANu library for a period of 2 weeks
  • Automatic entry into the card loyalty program – Enjoy discounts from Alumni Card partners: AON Insurance (Motor Vehicle Insurance), Weston Hotel and more. More partners will join this list soon! Also, contact the alumni affairs office with suggestions of partners you would wish to have on the card
  • Service to you by the alumni affairs office when you own the alumni card after graduation is faster
  • Withdraw cash worldwide from ATMs that accept MasterCard
  • Pay goods and services at Point Of Sale terminals in Kenya, abroad and online
  • Pay for bus fare (Transport)

Write to the Alumni Affairs office on alumni@anu.ac.ke for more information on the benefits/discounts.