We have on campus accommodation for both men and women at the ANU Main Campus in Ongata Rongai which is located 20 KM away from the City Center in a quiet, serene setting adjacent to the Nairobi National Park. We do not discriminate against prospective and current students by reason of religion, age, gender, disability, nationality, race, color, or any other characteristic as established by the Law of Kenya.

While the default mode is shared accommodation, we have ensured that the atmosphere within the halls of residence provide a setting that facilitates, rest, study, networking and bonding.

Currently students are housed in the following Halls:

  1. Miriam Crawford – Women
  2. Johnson – Men
  3. Zanner – Men
  4. Cashman – Men
  5. JB Flats – divided into two sections catering for both male and female residential services

In keeping with the naming tradition for buildings at ANU, the halls of residence are named after early missionaries from the Church of the Nazarene and other local and foreign benefactors.