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Africa Nazarene University is a member of the worldwide family of Nazarene institutions founded on the same principles – the development of students in a strong spiritual environment. ANU offers a well-rounded, holistic education to help members establish themselves in the University’s core values:

Character – Explore your faith for living.

Competence – Achieve your goals for your career.

Community – Find your place in the world.

These core values guide the behavior and form the basis of the Africa Nazarene University Culture.

Issues of Values and Principles of Governance and Public Service have direct influence on the way citizens relate with each other, and how communities engage each other. They impact the pace and direction of development at the national and county levels. Africa Nazarene University has come up with a unique curriculum tailored to equip Public Service Officers with adequate and/or appropriate knowledge, skills, values and principles of governance and public service in order to steer their counties and the nation forward.


Africa Nazarene University seeks to: Equip the officers with Values and principles of governance and public service. Competencies to enhance gender equity, human dignity, foster national unity and public participation, enhance protection and promotion of rights of minorities and marginalized communities/ groups Capacity in order to render high standards of service to the nation.


Participants will be able to: -Apply practical skills in translating policies into clear and effective guidelines that can be understood and applied by a variety of stakeholders, -Promote high standards of professional ethics, -Enhance integrity, ethics, transparency, accountability, objectivity, discipline, commitment, impartiality, responsiveness, -accessibility, effectiveness, selflessness and equity in provision of services, -Promote sustainable stewardship and development, Protect human dignity and human rights.


Africa Nazarene University (ANU) is a Chartered university by the Commission of University Education. Its vision is to produce individuals of character and integrity of heart. Its mission is to provide holistic education. The Core values of the University are character, competence and community service. It is situated in Ongata Rongai. Africa Nazarene University’s core business has been training leaders on Integrity, ethics, values and principles of Leadership and Governance. It opened its doors in Kenya in 1994 and it has since trained thousands of visionary leaders who have transformed institutions. It trains leaders from all sectors of life; public, private, civil societies, Non-Governmental organizations, political parties, professional associations, community based organizations, and self-sponsored leaders, among others.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The constitution of Kenya (2010) article 10, is clear about the National Values and Principles of Governance. There is concerted effort to ensure that State organs, State officers, public officers and all persons adhere to them mainly through developing a framework that facilitates the implementation of the values and principles. This is seen in the Enactment of Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012, completion of the draft Public Service Values and Principles Policy,2013,the Enactment of the Public Service Values and Principles Act,2015 and ,the Review of the Public Officer Code of Conduct and Ethics,2015.


Participatory and interactive learning methods that focus on facilitating the delegates to build their knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and competencies will be used. TRAINERS Africa Nazarene University will engage resource persons who are experts with experience in ethics, governance, integrity, sustainable development, modern Public Service and Human Dignity.


The training will take place in a period of 3 days ( 24th, 25th and 26th  May 2017)


We shall develop a comprehensive MONITORING AND EVALUATION (M&E) system that will ensure project activities are followed, feedback provided and reports generated.

GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE (SCOPE) The training is open to officers at the national and county levels. VENUE OF TRAINING

Sawela Lodge in Naivasha


Participants who successfully pass through the programmes will be awarded at ANU Certificate.


Conference Fee is Kes. 55000 for 3 Days

Conference fee excludes accommodation charges.

“Being a student in ANU was the best thing that happened in my life. This is because it shaped my life in a way that I am able to impart knowledge to others. I carry a lot of lessons from ANU. It is at ANU that I learnt that famous saying that ‘hard work pays’. I have developed spiritually, physically and mentally. I encourage us all to embrace good deeds and help our society become a better place than we found it”. – Dominic Ndung’u, Class of 2012

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